Boston Marathon

Boston, MA April 16, 2007

  • Kara Holmquist- Time 3:36:32 Pace 8:16/mile
  • Dawn Guarriello- Time 4:13:31 Pace: 9:41/mile
  • Pauline Alfred- Time 4:21:51 Pace: 10:00/mile
  • Krista Olsen- Time 4:25:36 Pace:10:08/mile
  • Dana Lee- Time 4:27:41 Pace:10:13/mile
  • Joni Fournier- Time 4:30:05 Pace 10:19/mile
  • Laura Woodward- Time 4:35:02 Pace: 10:30/mile
  • Mary Dyan- Time 4:37:37 Pace 10:36/mile

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