Race Report: Escape the Cape

Race Report:  Escape the Cape

Date: June 4, 2011

TE Racers: Allison C., Becky H., Kelly P., relay team- Rachel V., Kristen M., Jenn H.

It was a beautiful day on Onset Bay 65 degrees, but the water was a bit chilly. Body marked, bike racked, tent set up, a few last trips to the bathroom… and umm lesson #1 always look for a possible line when heading into the bathrooms. Eekk!! Now into wetsuits, and heading down for a dip in the water for a warm up lap. As we all braved into the water we felt our bodies becoming numb, with some agonizing pain to our faces attempting to adjust to the chilly temps. After a brief race announcement we were off to the start of the race!!!  We walked with our wave groups down to the start of the swim (across the beach).  As each of our waves entered into the water, run coach Lori was there to give us a last thumbs up as she counted us all in. The swim started in the water, and was a point to point swim, large orange buoys to your left, and then sighting on the final destination the big “max performance arch”.  After the first 100 meters the numbness set in and we were off, cruising across onset bay, with a bit of a current attempting to push us inshore.

Once out of the water it was a quick change, or switch of the timing chip for our relay team, to the bike. The bike course was labeled “Flat and Fast”, the start of the race was up a ..bump (sorry we can’t really call it a hill, but it was not a flat start). The course was out and back, with a few “bumps”.  After approaching mile 5, you then entered a slow no passing zone for the turnaround point. Lesson # 2: immediately pass at or before mile 5 or note that you might be stuck behind someone slow… if you pass.. Becky will remind you about the rules! I’m not sure if I would include cars but no one was slowing down our relay team.  Also all TE Ladies slowed their amazing bike handling skills as there were a few hairpin turns, especially at dismount (eek! I would like to thank Mr. John Doe for catching me or I would have bit it).  After a downhill ride, quick tight turn we were at the dismount section, then off to T2.

Now off to the run!! The flat course…was not mentioned on the description to be fast…and I believe we all learned very quickly why. The course started with an uphill run (or slog, aka slow jog for me J) on onset ave, running past Onset Inn where some of us stayed, then into the neighborhood. And then there it was…didn’t they say it was flat?? Up the hill we all went, then up around the hood and back down.  Lesson #3 you never know what is behind you (another note, wipe off your age on your leg..lol). The first TE finisher was Becky. As she sprinted to the Max Performance arches, a racer behind her caught a glace of her age and took on Becky as her prey, Triumph as the video documentation of this event- true story!!.  Becky did an amazing push and was robbed of 3rd place! We love you Becky!!! As all the finishers came it we were all greeted at the finish line by teammates. A huge hoorraaah for Allison C. finishing her first triathlon, and Jenn’s first tri relay.  Also Congrats to our unstoppable TE Spirit relay team, First place again!!! Oh ..and lesson #4 it’s great to have friends to race with!!!! Job well done to everyone that raced today in our race series event!!!

          Kelly 😉

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