Race Report: Old Colony Y Aquabike

By: Laurie Ellis

If you had asked me 3 weeks ago if I’d be driving to Middleboro at 5:30AM on a Sunday morning, I would have said you were crazy.  So there I was, driving a little over an hour to compete in a distance I had never done before – I had only done sprint triathlons before.  What was I thinking?!  Maybe sometimes thinking is over-rated.  At least I knew I’d have a personal best!

Just under 200 participants showed up to do the Old Colony Y Olympic Distance triathlon and aquabike (just the swim and bike legs) event on July 10th.  The swim was 2 loops around the buoys – I have to say it was weird to run out of the water through the arch and then back into the water between the loops – to make up a mile (a VERY short mile!), then 4 laps of a 6-mile bike course which was pretty fast and flat, although the couple hills there were felt a little bigger each time I went around.  And for those who were doing the full event, the 10K run was one loop of the bike course done in the opposite direction.

I arrived with plenty of time to set up and check out the area.  There was a separate rack for Aquabike racers – nice:  no losing my bike!  It was a beautiful warm sunny day, I had remembered to bring tinted goggles, and I was wearing my Team EnVision tri top.  I was ready!  I knew the swim wouldn’t be a problem, but I wasn’t sure about the bike.  I definitely knew I could make 24 miles.  But I wasn’t so sure about the doing-it-fast part.  I had an acceptable (to me) average speed in mind, and just hoped to do that.

And I did!  Actually I went faster than I expected.  And it was a really pretty ride, what I remember seeing of it.  The event staff was great:  the turns were well-marked and all the water station kids yelled encouragement as the bikers passed.  Some were more exuberant than others – cracked me up.

I was really glad to be done after the bike leg, but I can’t help but wonder if I could maybe do the whole Olympic distance at some point…  Considering that I almost passed out after crossing the finish line, I think the aquabike was just right this time!  Team EnVision has been helpful in moving me from “no way could I do that” to “maybe I could do that” to “sure, why not?!”  Well, I’m still working on that last part.

I was thinking about Rachel’s “finish with a smile” mantra as I rode.  It’s gotta be fun, right?  I ended up placing 5th out of the 9 female aquabikers (1st in the swim – yeah!).

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