End of Season Banquet and W-Awards

It’s that time of year….the weather turns cool, our race schedule isn’t as packed and we have our annual End of Season Banquet.

When: Sunday, November 5th
Time: 5pm
Where: Becky’s house…address and directions will be sent through the secure Yahoo listserv
What to bring: A favorite dish to share and stories to tell!

We’ll also be having our annual W-Awards.  What are the W-Awards?  “W” awards recognize all the wonderful, wacky, and wild women we have on our team.  During the banquet we will be awarding these teammates who, for some reason or another, stood out!  I’ve included past awards below, but this in no way means we need to have a person for each of these categories nor does it mean you couldn’t create a new category.  So, put your thinking caps on and send your nominations to Becky by October 28th!!

  • Bike Angel – woman most likely to appear out of nowhere to help during a ride
  • Flat Fixin’ Diva – for the great tire changer among us or a funny tire changing story
  • Perma-Smile – always training and racing with a smile
  • Jungle Jane – adventure racer
  • Team Spirit – who embodies the Team EnVision spirit
  • Miss Mapless – traveled further than necessary due to misdirection
  • Courage – one who displayed courage, e.g. – signed up for her first race, swam in open water her first time, etc.
  • Mentor – most likely to mentor others during training or races
  • Mistress of Pain – a funny injury story or someone who has worked hard to overcome an injury
  • Best Hair/Mary Kay – for one who always shows up looking spectacular at races
  • Lady Grace – for the spectacular faller among us, be it on the bike or run
  • Tinkle Bells – any bathroom/triathlon related story
  • Race Queen – woman who competed in the most Race Series races
  • Road Runner – runner whose face we never saw, just her back
  • Spinner – who’s feet we never saw because they were going so quickly
  • Fishes – most likely to enjoy swimming or swimmer who amazed us all
  • Overall Speed Demon – the speedy triathlete, whether it be age group, Athena or overall
So, those are the categories….let the nominations begin!! 🙂


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