2012 Race Series is Announced!

Congratulations to all new and returning members of Team Envision. The 2012 season has been very exciting already with the addition of Coach Tony, as well as increased social and educational training opportunities. We encourage all members who have yet to attend the coach workouts to do so. Also to come are more monthly social outings and events that will help you to get to know more fellow TE’ers and learn about the world of Tri’s.

2012 Race Series are  selected triathlons for all members of all abilities. We want to encourage all members to race, have fun, and build team camaraderie. The TE coordinators put a lot of time and thought into choosing these following races for ya’ll!

NE Season Opener, May 13, 2012- Max Performance event
Sprint Duathlon and Triathlon
Hopkinton State Park

Title 9 Tri: Escape the Cape, June 3, 2012- Max Performance event
Sprint Triathlon- Women only
Onset, Ma

Title 9 Tri: Massachusetts State Olympic Triathlon, July 15, 2012-Max Performance event
Olympic Triathlon- Women only
Lake Dennison, Winchendon, Ma

Cranberry Olympic Triathlon, August 26,2012 – Sun Multisport event
Olympic Distance
Ted Williams Camp, Lakeville, Ma

 Title 9, September 9,2012-Max Performance event
Sprint Tri
Hopkinton State Park, Hopkinton, MA

Relay Team Scholarship Program
2012 Scholarship program is to encourage TE relay teams. A TE relay is multiple TE women usually 2-3 people who each participate in a leg of a race. There are TE scholarships available and will be awarded at the end of the season for teams that meet the qualification standards. To see more information visit here.

Max Performance Women’s TriClub Challenge
Max Performance is a fantastic venue, of well-organized races and great post-race festivals of food, giveaways and music! This is also a great opportunity for Team Envision to continue to gain recognition and win up to $1,000! To participate in the Women’s Tri Club Challenge we need 8 members at of three Max Performance Races. Every member earns points for our team, so we really want to make a strong presence. This year we have selected 4 Max Performance Races, however we only need 3 races where there are 8 members who complete the race. We can enter only one relay team into each of the races. In 2011 we came in 1st place, but unfortunately didn’t meet the necessary requirements of having 8 members at 3 races, so did not earn a cash prize. However, we are hoping 2012 is our year!!!!


Volunteering Event: Title 9 Triathlon September 9, 2012
We will be looking for members, friends and family to volunteer time to help coordinate race events on this day. Last year we had a great turn out of volunteers, followed by a Team Cook Out. More details will follow….

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Team EnVision's Mission is to provide a supportive, instructive, and motivational environment for women of all abilities to challenge themselves and reach their personal goals through the sport of triathlon.

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