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What a day of racing last Sunday down in Lakeville, MA!!!  We had an impressive group of women racing…a relay team, 2 Olympic veterans, and 6 trying their hand at the distance for the first time.  Spoiler alert: Our relay team finished in 2nd place!  Whoo-hoo!

Let’s start with the swim….or maybe not, since you couldn’t see anything past the first buoy.  They delayed the start until 8:15am until the fog had lifted.  Good idea.


We staked out a good position up on the hill so we could see the course and then waited for all the waves to head out.  Pretty soon they were coming in….and quickly!  Everyone had to be really careful on the stone steps b/c they were very slippery.  A couple people slipped and fell…nobody from our team though.

Once everyone was in from the swim we went back to the tent to rest in the shade while our teammates crushed the bike course.  We were told it was a beautiful ride too….hmmm…maybe next year. 🙂  We went and got into good cheer positions by the dismount line so we could give everyone a morale boost before they went out on their last leg.  Everyone looked really strong coming in off the bike!

We had set our tent up to be right next to the finish chute so it made it easy to stay in the shade, but still cheer like crazy as our teammates came down the finish.  It was a bit confusing because there was a set of blue timing mats that were 15 yards ahead of the finish line.  We saw a few competitors slow down a bit when they crossed them and we yelled at them to keep running.  Turns out the mats would pull up the name of the person who just crossed it and it would appear on the laptop of the announcer sitting right nearby.  He would then announce the person’s name as they were crossing the actual finish line.  Good idea, but maybe warn people of that ahead of time?

After the race we unloaded the great grub that everyone brought and had a nice picnic lunch.  These ladies can cook!  We keep saying we’re going to start a TE Cookbook….maybe this will be the year.  🙂


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