Title 9 was a success!

It was a chilly morning a couple of weeks ago when TE headed out to Hopkinton State Park.  There were so many of us there that I think I lost count!  I think there were 10 ladies racing and just as many volunteering.  It was great to see husbands, husbands-to-be, and even brothers come help out the team for the morning. 🙂

The volunteers started out by body marking….you can see we have fun no matter what task we are given.  Once the body marking was done we were all divided up to go man our stations along the route.  Some of us were directing racers, others were delivering much needed hydration, and, of course, everyone was cheering!

The race finished off with a great BBQ by the TE members.  Lots of goodies to eat after a hard morning’s work!

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