2014 Season Kickoff!

The 2014 season is now underway! TE is coming out of the gate strong with participation in the Tri-Mania Expo on March 29th to welcome new members at our booth and participate in the Fast Splits indoor bike time trial. The next weekend had two events including the “Tri the Tri” event on April 5th at the Cannondale store in Cambridge where we discussed the basics of shipping for a bike, bike fitting, and had a Q&A session with our swim coach Megan Gurley. April 6th marked the first run clinic of the year with our new run/bike coach Karen Ghiron where we learned integrating strength and track workouts into training plans and got some early season benchmarks for 200 and 400 yard sprints.

On April 13th, we had our Season  Kickoff potluck, where we sampled culinary delights like vegan mac and cheese, kale salad, enchiladas, and lemon bars…yum. This year we also had a special treat of acclaimed nutritionist Nancy Clark speaking to us on various topics related to nutrition while training and racing (ssh. Beet juice).

Here are some pics from these events. Looking forward to seeing you all out on the roads on the weekends and for the Max Performance Season Opener in less than a month!! The race is sold out, but even if you’re not racing come out and cheer your teammates on!

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Team EnVision's Mission is to provide a supportive, instructive, and motivational environment for women of all abilities to challenge themselves and reach their personal goals through the sport of triathlon.

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