Late season race reports!

TE ladies have been busy in August and Sept with two team race series events and a whole bevy of other triathlons, swims, road and trail races, etc etc. Here are notes from a few:

Sharon Triathlon

The Sharon triathlon (Max Performance) was a team series event held August 10 in Sharon, MA and had a big group of racers plus two power relay teams. Here are a few notes from the day by those who raced:

Sara’s race report for the Sharon tri:
It was my first race with Team Envision and I really enjoyed the company and the support. The conditions were perfect, right water temperature, the pond was not the best place to swim but nice. The bike course very flat and fast, I guess I was feeling very well so I just enjoyed biking. The run course so lovely around the pond, lots if shadow. And then the support on the finish line was unexpected and really necessary. I came in 15 which is probably my best result ever, so I guess my training paid me back! A really nice race!

Laurie’s race report for the Sharon tri:
A great day at the races for TE!  I think we had 15 members racing, 2 former members racing, and 2 TE cheerleaders.  Wow!  5 of our 15 participants made up relays (a 3-person team, and a 2-person team).
Sunny, warm morning, maybe a little hot by the end of the race, but other years have been cool and overcast, so I wasn’t about to complain (and since I was only swimming, I was very happy not to be freezing for a change).
Congratulations to everybody who competed!  Extra kudos to Z for getting on the podium, and to our 3-person relay (Laurie, Cathy, Diane) for winning the female relay category.  LOVE getting a pint glass as a prize.
Former TE member, Bonnie, also made it onto the podium!
Lots of hanging out talking and eating after the race – meeting new members, and reconnecting with other teammates.  Special thanks to Amy and Anika for coming out to cheer us on.  If there was a cookie award, I think Anika would have won it:  fabulous M&M chip cookies.
Another fun outing with Team EnVision!

Title IX triathlon

The title IX all women’s triathlon is a perennial favorite among TE racers for it’s fast and pretty course, encouraging environment, and (like all Max Performance races) great organization and course support. TE had 8 racers participating, and it was another gorgeous sunny day in Hopkinton this year. Pics are below!

Buzzards Bay triathlon

The final Max Performance race of the year was the Buzzards Bay triathlon. Check out Z’s race report for the day:

The ocean at Horseneck Beach on September 14 was an incredible caribbean blue and 69 degrees for Ruth Tannert’s first ever sprint relay swim.  Ruth had a knee injury  this year and hasn’t been able to run.  To make up for it she crushed the 1/4 mile stretch of Buzzards’ Bay  swimming with the current and made her way between the dunes to T1 to hand of her chip to Zabeth Billingham.  This was also Zabeth’s first ever relay and she really enjoyed the relatively flat 14 mile bike course through absolutely stunning farm vistas overlooking the ocean and over a bridge with yachts on either side.  The beautiful though windy course allowed Z to post a  sweet PR  21.9 mph average on the bike leg before zooming to a stop in T2 to continue with the run.
The 3.1 mile run was also windy, but a gorgeous loop out a narrow causeway to Goose Island, then back through the beach campground and finally through the Max Performance arch where Zabeth enjoyed the watermelon and bananas.
Zabeth and Ruth faced competition in the form of several groups of 20 something amazons.  Nevertheless our seasoned TE ladies triumphed,  winning first in the women’s relay category and scoring a case of blackberry Hint Water in the giveaway.
Both ladies highly recommend this race. It’s a beautiful fast course with the usual superb Max Performance organization and Megan’s cheery greetings in transition.
If you like beach plums, bring a bucket next year when you do this race, because they were perfectly ripe at Horseneck and ready for jam making!

As always, here are pics from these events and others including Z racing at Rev3 Maine and more!


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