Race Report: Harvest Triathlon 2019

Race: Harvest Triathlon (Sprint Tri)
Race Date: June 8, 2019
Authored by: NJ Savickas

I’m sort of new to Triathlon with the Title 9 being the only race I’d done for two years prior to joining Team Envision.  Last year at the TE spring pot luck the question was whose racing and what race. I heard about the Harvest and thought to do the Sprint.  The bonus was Team Envision had a strong show of attendance complete with the TE tent, so finally I would know someone at a race.

It was a perfect spring day as I drove to Wareham.  I had trained hard swimming and was excited about the swim which is 1/3 a mile.  A few of the ladies from TE were doing Olympic length and there was an air of excitement as we laid out our gear in transition.  Being something of a rookie and a self-professed hack I was a bit anxious about the race. I had entered as a beginner and would be the last wave in the Sprint. Normally this is good spot.  I found out the elite men doing the Olympic distance would be setting off after the Sprint. I’d heard about the competitive waves swimming over people and I was getting nervous.

Zabeth came by to offer some support and I expressed my concerns.  Meghan who does the swim clinics for Max Performance was one of the transition people and the two of them assured me I‘d be fine the race would allow enough time for my wave to gain some distance.   Meghan mentioned “just swim fast”.  

I worried for naught as the race organizers offered plenty of time to get past the first turn before unleashing the competitive wave.  The swim was fantastic the Sprint went to the first buoy then turned and wound its way back via one more buoy. The Olympic is unique, it goes straight out and around and island then heads back

The swim exit was close to transition and the bike started off along a closed lane going through the downtown area.  Police were plentiful at the lights and corners and offered a sense of security to the racers from the busy traffic. The ride just under 14 miles wound its way through some backroads that were sleepy and quiet in a wooded area behind the Ocean Spray Cranberry plant.  The tranquility was nice and before I knew it I was back at transition. The 5K run was nice and again went through a wooded area which was not too hilly and rolled along. It was an awesome race and one that is on my calendar to repeat next season, for sure.

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