Location: Medfield

Occupation: MS, PT Assistive Technology Practitioner, Mass Hospital School

TE Member Since: 2012

Age Group: 55-59

Why I love triathlons: I love to train, and balancing the different disciplines will hopefully help me be a better, more well-rounded and injury-free athlete. It is really fun to be at a race with friends and teammates and be able to support and cheer each other on.

Favorite Discipline: Bike, Bike, and more Bike!!

Favorite Races: Aquabike, Patriot 1/2 and Litchfield Hills

Goals: To have fun racing and not get too nervous in the days (week) leading up to a race. To embrace and enjoy my first longer ocean swim at the Rev 3 Old Orchard Beach 1/2 Aquabike in August.

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