kim 2
Nickname: Kim

Occupation: Human Resources

Member Since: 2013

Age Group: 40-44

Why I love Triathlons: I had done a few relay legs in the past but a tri seemed out of reach since I wasn’t a swimmer. Last year, I decided to take up swimming so that I could complete a sprint tri on my own. Thanks to all the help from our indoor swim coach and the ladies of TE, I was able to accomplish both of those goals! I love having a new challenge to tackle and I love how friendly and helpful the tri community is to newbies.

Favorite Discipline: I’m so happy to have discovered open water swimming! It took some time for me to get past my open water anxiety but now I love peaceful morning swims at Walden. Well, mostly peaceful swims…I do still have a real fear of being attacked by a giant squid or the Loch Ness Monster. 

Favorite Races: Escape the Cape was the first tri I completed, so that’s my favorite so far. I also live doing the Season Opener. It falls on Mother’s Day every year and I do it as a relay with my mom and sister as teammates.

Goals: To improve on last year’s times.

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