Location: Roslindale

Occupation: Interaction and Interface Designer (just go to Wikipedia;)

Member Since: 2011

Age Group: 50-54

Why I love triathlons: Its about balance and  variety for me. I get bored easily and all 3 disciplines have taken me to some of the most beautiful locals! Swimming in lakes and in the ocean or running through the woods, biking in the countryside with friends – what could be better! I also love the support you get from the triathlete community and racing with a team!

Favorite Discipline: Swimming in the ocean is the ultimate experience for me – I especially love Wellfleet and Crane Beach in Ipswich.

Favorite Race: Well any of the Max Performance races are great – really well organized in great locations. My current fav might be Max Performance Sharon tri – relatively flat bike course and pretty close to me in Rozzi.

Goals: To win my age group in the Olympic distance title 9 tri at Mass State in July – it’s on my birthday! Wanna really get faster in the water and ace my transitions!

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