Sara D.

Sara D at Worcester Tri-Fest 2016

Nickname: Some call me Dr. Cattett.

Location: Charlestown

Occupation: Feline veterinarian

Member Since: 2016

Age Group: 35-39

Why I love Triathlons: I love seeing what I can convince my body to do even when it doesn’t want to…managing mind over matter…and the smell of a wetsuit is amazing.

Favorite Discipline: It has always been swimming, but running has become a lot more fun recently.

Favorite Races: No favorites yet, but the most memorable was my first tri –  Urban Epic in Boston in 2011 – was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it out of the water alive, but I did!

Accomplishments: First half-marathon (Seacoast Half) in 2015, and completed the NE Season Opener in 2016 , which was a major bucket list item for me!

Goals: Complete two Olympic distance tris in a year, and then complete a half-iron next year (Patriot!), and hopefully Round the Sound Swim in Bermuda someday!