Sarah at Cranberry Olympic 2015

Location: Quincy

Occupation: Bookstore Manager

Member Since: 2014

Age Group: 35-39

Why I love Triathlons: I competed in my first triathlon (Hyannis Sprint I) in 2014, and was immediately hooked! I love the variety of multisport training and have found wonderful training partners and friends in the women of Team EnVision.

Favorite Discipline: Tough question! Right now, it’s a toss-up between biking and swimming, which is funny because my background is running.

Favorite Races: Title 9, Sharon, Cranberry Olympic

Accomplishments: I did a lot of racing in 2015! I completed my first Olympic triathlon (Cranberry Olympic), several sprint triathlons, and two marathons. To cap off an awesome season, I won the Max Performance season raffle – a brand new Quintana Roo triathlon bike!

Goals: My goals for the 2016 season are to get comfortable on my triathlon bike (especially the aerobars) and to improve my marathon time.