Nickname: Z or Z-Beast

Occupation: Small Animal Veterinarian, former Science Teacher and Museum Educator

Member Since: 2012

Age Group: 50-54

Why I love Triathlons: I fell in love with the sport and the women’s triathlon community at my first event, the Danskin Webster in 2008. I was to be part of a relay team, but no one else showed up. I finished the race on my own, met many wonderful ladies, and had a blast. Since then training has become a fixture in my life. I especially enjoy helping women who are just getting started in triathlons.

Favorite Discipline: Definitely cycling.  It was swimming when I started, but I’ve made the biggest gains in cycling and love going fast on two wheels. I recently bought a mountain bike and am enjoying exploring singletrack and improving my bike handling.

Favorite Races: Escape the Cape and Buzzard’s Bay Sprints, Mass State and Rev3 Old Orchard Beach Olympics.  I loved the Vermont Trifest and hope it comes back next year.

Goals: Building endurance and speed, learning to be more resilient in dealing with the hurdles of injury, always being grateful for my life and the wonderful things I get to do.

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