Race Report: White Mountain Triathlon June 2021

Authored by: Zabeth Billingham 2021 was my first White Mountain Triathlon, and I’ll definitely be back! As expected from the name, this is a hilly triathlon, not a fast one, but a great challenge for your climbing ability. The venue is located at Franconia Notch State Park, NH, at the base of Cannon Mountain SkiContinue reading “Race Report: White Mountain Triathlon June 2021”

Race Report: Max Performance Title Nine 2021

Authored by: Lakshmi Sadasiv The 2021 version of Max Performance’s women-only triathlon, Title Nine, took place on September 12 at Hopkinton State Park. The day dawned sunny but cool, with minimal wind, making for excellent race conditions. This race is a sprint triathlon with special beginner-friendly features including swim buddies (experienced swimmers in the waterContinue reading “Race Report: Max Performance Title Nine 2021”

Race Report: Patriot Half Iron Aquabike 2019

By Zabeth Billingham In June 2019, I competed in the Aquabike division of the Patriot Half Distance Triathlon at Cathedral Camp in East Freetown, MA. In 2018 I had trained for and raced the full Patriot Half Triathlon, and had a really awful time on the run, the hot weather caused previously minor neuromas toContinue reading “Race Report: Patriot Half Iron Aquabike 2019”

Race Report: Ironman Maine 70.3 2018

Ironman Maine 70.3 – August 26, 2018 Catherine’s Race Report: Pre-race & Event Venue Got up to the event on Friday to prep for the event.  Stayed at a motel right downtown, and while the convenience factor of being able to walk to all race venues was good, the location was fairly loud due toContinue reading “Race Report: Ironman Maine 70.3 2018”

Race Report: Steelhead 70.3 2018

Steelhead 70.3 – August 2018 Nathalie’s Race Report: Why do a report on a race you DNF? I guess because it was a learning experience that may be worth sharing… I did not train consistently this year and hopefully I will retain the lessons. My husband and I like to destination race and discover differentContinue reading “Race Report: Steelhead 70.3 2018”