The Team EnVision mission is to provide a supportive, instructive, and motivational environment for women of all abilities to challenge themselves and reach their personal goals through the sport of triathlon. To that end, we do not limit the size of our team or choose members based on ability. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!!

2019 Membership Rates

We are looking forward to having another great season and hope you’ll join us! Team EnVision is a wonderful, inspirational, supportive, and FUN team to be on!!  Registration is open all season long so never think it’s too late to join.

Here are the details:

Early Bird Registration for Current Members (Now through Dec 10)

  • $85 Basic (when using the Promo code sent to current members via email)
  • $255 Basic + swim (includes all outdoor workouts, plus swim 21 sessions at Draper Pool, Thursdays 7:30-8:30 starting January 10, 2019)* Will will cap swim at 12 members. First come first served. ($255 when using the Promo code sent to current members via email)

Regular Registration (After midnight Dec 10):

  • $95  Basic
  • $265 Basic + Swim (includes all outdoor workouts, plus swim 21 sessions at Draper Pool, Thursdays 7:30-8:30 starting January 10, 2019)* Will will cap swim at 12 members. First come first served.

Recruitment Bonus:  Any member who is currently registered can earn a $40 rebate by recruiting a new member!!!  These are the conditions to be met:

  • Recruiter must be currently registered and paid up.
  • New member must register and when asked how they heard of TE, they must write the name of the recruiter.
  • Once payment from new member has been received on signmeup, and your membership coordinator (me) verifies who recruited the newbie, she will notify the coordinators and the treasurer will authorize a payment to the recruiter of $40 in the form of a TE check.
  • Members can recruit as many new members as they like!    Let’s grow our Team!

Registration link:

The only additional requirements are to maintain a USAT membership and the purchase of a team uniform.  Note that Team EnVision is a non-profit organization and these membership charges are just covering our costs.  USAT Memberships are required for group insurance coverage during our many team events, and is also reused for your races during the year.  (Note:  If you paid for one day USAT memberships last year to race, you can credit this towards this year’s membership)

Have questions? Contact our Membership Coordinator.

What are the benefits of membership?


Starting in January, we offer group workouts such as coached bike rides, swim practices, and outdoor track/hill workouts. This season we are proud to say that we have Becky Paige as our swim coach for the second year.

We encourage all members to join our weekly workouts and seek out team members for additional group workouts. Most weekends you can find TE ladies meeting up to get out on the roads or in the pool! In addition, our annual training weekend is held at the University of New England, Biddeford, ME in May, and is a great chance to meet teammates, learn more about triathlon, and enjoy quality miles swimming, biking, and running.

On-going Communication

Members use our Google group as the primary means of electronic communication – from organizing additional training sessions to planning social events. Throughout the season (and after) we gather as a team for workshops, group workouts, and social events.  We have amazing discounts from a variety of companies every season…who doesn’t love a great deal on gear? Check out our discounts page to learn more about these offers that are exclusively for Team EnVision members.

Members’ Role

All members are required to have a USAT Membership to join the team.  Members are required to purchase a team uniform and wear it when racing. We encourage all members to participate in at least one race per year by completing either a full race or a relay leg, in particular at one or more of the Team Race Series Events.  When not racing members are strongly encouraged to attend races to volunteer, and support their teammates.  Throughout the year there are also team events that members are encouraged to attend.  Your membership fee includes costs for the web site, coaching fees, and other yearly team maintenance expenses.  Some of the indoor training venues may require a minimal additional fee.

Team Uniforms

The only mandatory part of membership, besides having fun, is purchasing a uniform and wearing it when racing.  See how awesome they look here!!