Race Report: BAA 10K 2016

June 26, 2016

Melaney at BAA 10K 2016

Team EnVision had several runners at last Sunday’s BAA 10K. Everyone did a great job racing in the heat!

Melaney‘s Race Report:

I arrived around 7:50 after an excessively long wait for the T, just in time to jump into the middle of the queue at the first open spot that I could find for the 8am start. No warm-up or stretching time for me! The weather was warm already and I am glad I decided to forgo wearing arm sleeves…that would have been a mistake. The start was slow, very crowded and I’m not sure there were really any pace groups, but by around mile 2 I was able to get to a point where I was not dodging so often. I felt strong through mile 4 but after that the heat started to get to me. With no shade in sight and the sun beating down on Comm Ave I would have believed it was 95 out if you told me (maybe it was 95???!). I threw some water on myself to cool off and finished as strong as I could but definitely dropped my pace so no PR for the day but finished at a little over 52 minutes so I’ll take it. After cooling off and collecting food and swag I found the best post-race item, free kale & pineapple smoothies!!! Seriously refreshing after the race. I hope everyone else running had fun and stayed cool!



Race Report: Boston Marathon 2016

Michelle’s first marathon – A big smile for a big finish!

Michelle's Boston Marathon 2016 Finish

Michelle‘s Race Report:

My first marathon and what an experience! It was hotter than I expected, so as I was at the finish line, I promised myself that I’d stop at every water station and pace myself accordingly. For the first 10 miles, I really had to hold myself back. I could’ve run 10 minute miles, but I had been warned that if you go hard (that’s hard for me!) in the beginning when it’s downhill, then you’ll crash before the end.

I couldn’t believe the support of the crowds–every step of the way–there wasn’t any point during the marathon where I saw empty streets. And EVERYONE was so generous with cheers, food, Vaseline, tissue, etc. It was truly overwhelming and inspiring!

So many of my students jumped in with me at Heartbreak Hill! They really kept me going at a point when I wanted to collapse. The last 5 miles were brutal, despite the fact that I held myself back in the beginning. My pace had slowed way down to 12:00/13:00 – and I felt like people could walk faster than I was running. Even when I knew I was approaching the finish line, I couldn’t get my legs to move faster. I finished in 5:23, and I was both thrilled that I finished and disappointed I didn’t break 5 hours. Now that I know that I CAN run a marathon, my goal is to run my next one in 4:30. I’m planning for that one to be NYC 2017.


TE joins Hub on Wheels!

Last Sunday, September 25th, eight ladies of Team EnVision joined the thousands of bikers for the 7th annual Hub on Wheels.  The event has three different routes…10, 30, or 50-miles… that takes riders through Boston neighborhoods and allows you to ride on the legendary Storrow Drive…what thrill that was!  We all chose the 30-miler and although myself (Rachel) and Kristen experienced a crash (or two) we all had a great time.