2013 training season kicks off!

Indoor track started this morning with 17 TE ladies registered so far… It was a great first morning, with Coach Mary easing us back into training with a lecture on training tips, running form, etc. before sending us out onto the track to warm up the chilly winter morning with some 400m intervals.

It’s not too late to join the indoor track series…check out the membership page for more details on how to sign up! Also, note that there is NO TRACK practice next week due to a previously scheduled MIT collegiate race using the space–consult the google calendar for a complete list of track dates.

Up next…start of swim practice on Wednesday. Happy new year ladies!

Sweat, track, and NO tears!

There’s no crying in indoor track! ¬†ūüôā ¬†It was all smiles this past Wednesday as we started indoor track at MIT. ¬†Here and the pictures to prove it!

Great 1st Indoor Track Practice!

What a great, first indoor track practice tonight!

Coach Tony led us in 12x200m repeats on MIT’s indoor track. ¬†Everyone set their pace and off we went. ¬†The track was a little crowded with other teams, but that didn’t stop any of us and we all got in a great workout! ¬†This is going to be a great season of indoor track! ¬†It’s not too late to join us either…contact Coach Tony for a drop-in punch card so you can come run on a warm, dry track with us! ¬†Cost for the punch card? 3 sessions for $20 or 7 sessions for $40

Swim and Indoor Track Reminder…

This week is going to be exciting with the start of both Indoor Track and Swim practice!

BUT……Ladies, you have to have paid your 2012 membership dues in order to participate because of our insurance liabilities. ¬†If you’re still not sure you want to renew just yet you can still run track, but you’ll pay the higher non-TE price and use the punch card system we’ve been emailing about. ¬†Just show up this Wednesday (7:30pm, MIT indoor track) and Tony will give you the card when you pay. ¬†3 sessions for $20 or 7 sessions for $40

But, for swim practice (Thursdays, 6:45-8:30pm, Condon Pool, South Boston)¬†there are NO exceptions. Water, potential drowning…those insurance people are picky…you have to be a current 2012 TE member to participate. ¬†We’ll give you this first week as a “freebie” since most of us are still recovering from the “holiday-new year-coma” , but after that….NO PAY-NO PLAY.

Sorry ladies, we have to be fair to everyone that has already paid their dues for this season and to comply with our insurance policy too. ¬†These will be great, fun, coached workouts with USAT and ITCA certified coach, Tony Rich, so why wouldn’t you want to pay your dues and join us for another great season?! ¬†ūüôā

Hope to see you all at practice!!


Indoor Track is starting!

Well, this unseasonably warm weather is coming to a close plus it’s really dark out, which can only mean one thing…the start of Indoor Track! ¬†Here are the details…

First workout will be Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at MIT’s Indoor Track from 7:30-8:30pm. ¬†We will run track every Wednesday after that, same time, same place until the end of March.
120 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Indoor Track is one of the few items that carries an extra cost outside of membership. ¬†MIT charges our team a flat rate for us to have track time every week and the more people that we have at track the less each person has to pay. ¬†So, please email Coach Tony¬† ASAP if you are interested. ¬†This is the one time that weekly drop-ins cannot be accepted as the cost will be determined in advance. ¬†HOWEVER, this is also the one time that we WILL allow non-TE members to join us for our amazing coached workouts. ¬†So, tell your running friends to tell their running friends that they will get a great workout, on a great track, with great company…inside!!!

Running on the MIT track also means that we have to volunteer at one of their indoor track meets. ¬†The meet that we have committed to is on Saturday, January 14, 2012. ¬†Participants in indoor track MUST volunteer on that day OR find someone to volunteer for them…NO EXCEPTIONS!!

If you can’t make it to track, but want to do the workout on your own, Coach Tony will email out the specific details about the track practice through the Google email group.