Race Report: Mass State 2018

Mass State – July 8, 2018

Laurie’s Race Report:

Dawn.  52 degrees.  Brr! What happened to that heatwave? Not to worry, it warmed up by the time we got going.

I picked up MH (we live about a block from each other) and we headed out to Winchendon to meet up with Melaney for our relay for Mass State Tri.  We were joined by TE teammates Margaret and Fran (doing the full Olympic tri) and Cathy (aquabike):  a pretty nice team showing!
It was a beautiful, if chilly, morning with wispy mist rising off the water.  I was a little worried that the start would be delayed, but the mist dissipated pretty quickly and we were left with a bright, clear day. After a reading of 80 degrees on Saturday, the Sunday morning water temperature check said 77 so it was a wetsuit legal race (although I think they must have gone to great lengths to get that temperature – the water was warm).
Go time:
We were in wave 2 – relays are NEVER in such an early wave.  It was great!  I shot off and managed to swim one of my best times.  Maybe wetsuits aren’t so bad after all! 22:52 for the .9 mile swim.
Chip handoff – thanks to MH for making the transfer from my ankle to Melaney’s – and Melaney hit the road for a quick 22-mile ride at 19.2mph!  Wow!  She was back well ahead of when she told us to expect her.  Way to ride!
Quick T2 and MH pulled off a speedy 48:41 for the 10k run.  That’s a blazing 7:52/mile pace and a personal best!
Given all that, it was no surprise that we were 1st in the female relay division!  Yippee!
Since I was only swimming, I got to watch and cheer.  It was fun to see everybody going from swimming to biking to running (except aquabiking Cathy) to finishing!
It’s always uplifting to be with such strong athletes.
Fabulous work TE!

Race Report: Mass State Triathlon 2017

Mass State Triathlon – July 9, 2017

Fran’s Race Report:

The 2017 Mass State triathlon took place on July 9th, at Lake Dennison in Winchendon, Massachusetts.  It’s a race that has a reputation of always taking place on the hottest day of the summer, but I think we got lucky this year because the temperature never got above 80 degrees.  This was my second Olympic distance triathlon and definitely my best race this year.

My training for this race perhaps wasn’t the greatest.  I ended up not following a formal training plan, and instead made up my own regimen as I went along that used some of the principals from the plan I’d used to train for my first Olympic distance race.  In the end, I may have done more training than a formal plan would have called for, but it was definitely less structured.  Another hiccup in the training was that I ended up having to travel for work for several days about a week and a half before the race, which disrupted my final training plans.  While traveling, I tried to tell myself that I was probably supposed to be tapering anyway, and then I did a last long workout when I got back before doing the real taper.  Perhaps the trip even helped in the end, especially because I was working outdoors in Florida, and just about any weather feels cool and refreshing after that.

The swim had the usual waves with mass starts.  I’d consider my swimming good but not spectacular, but I made some big improvements this year just by doing a better job of making sure my goggles didn’t fog up.  It’s amazing how much faster you can finish the swim course when you can actually see the buoys and aren’t constantly getting off track.

The bike course had some scenic sections, some bumpy sections, some parts with newly paved road, and one slightly dicey part that goes through a town center.  The race organizers assured the athletes that the bad patches of road would be fixed by next summer.  There are a few hills, especially in the middle of the course, but it’s fairly flat at the beginning and the end, which I think helped me because I could get used to being on a bike at the beginning and then prepare for the run at the end without also having to worry about anything too technical.  I thought there were also a surprising number of people pulled over with flat tires on the bike course.  There were also at least a couple crashes, one of which happened a short distance behind me that I heard but didn’t see. Fortunately, I made it back to transition without getting into any mishaps myself.

After a short bout of jelly legs coming off the bike, I ended up having a really good run.  This is most likely for two reasons.  First, the course is an out and back, so whenever I got to an uphill I could tell myself that I would get to run back down it later.  Second, I’d done the run leg as part of a relay with Z and Edith my first year on Team Envision.  It definitely helped to be able to tell myself that no matter how tired I might feel, I’d done that run before and I could do it again.  That’s made me wonder if I ought to try and do the run course in isolation before other future races, maybe it would help when the temptation to walk gets strong.

My official time was 3:13:44.9.  It’s not a spectacular time by any definition, but I achieved both of my main goals for the race: to finish in under 3 hours 15 minutes, and run the entire run course.  I’m looking forward to doing this race again next year and improving even more.

Race Report: Las Olas International Triathlon 2016

New England a bit chilly in March? Race in Florida!

Nathalie at Las Olas 2016

Nathalie‘s Race Report:

The Las Olas International Triathlon is my favorite course; I did it in March 2015 and loved it so much that I went again in March 2016.

I just flew to Fort Lauderdale for the weekend and I rented a bike from City Bikes instead of bringing my own, which was just fine. I stayed at a hotel on the beach, so that I could just bike to the transition area in a few minutes. Important when the first wave goes out at 7:25am and Starbucks does not open until 6am!

The ocean swim is 0.62 miles (1.0 km) and is really lovely, we walk along the beach to the starting point and swim back, so the current always helps us. Although it was rather windy and we had to aim well to get around the first buoy…

The bike is a bit short for an Olympic: 21 miles (34km), 2 loops, it is flat and fast, along the beach and then inland with views on cute residences and canals through a very scenic park.

The run is 2 straight in-and-out along the beach on the promenade for a total of 6.2 miles (10 km). Although the race is early, it already is a bit hot, but there are a lot of water stops and it is so beautiful!

MA State Photos

MA State race day photos are finally here!!!  Proof of what a great day of racing the TE ladies really had.  🙂

Race Report – MA State Triathlon, a.k.a The “Queens of the Hills”

By: Kelly Pivirotto – Race Coordinator

Date: July 17, 2011

TE Racers:

 Sprint Tri: Deb Reitan, Mona Miklosik, Ruth Tannert, Amy Wong, Jocelyn Winzer, Kristin Beville, and  Kelly Pivirotto,  Relay team- Rachel Vaughan,  Jenn Hughes, Kate Manciocchi

Olympic Tri: Becky Holloway, Amy Howland

After weeks of training, swims at Walden, hill rides, and track practice, the day had finally come…The Mass State challenge! Some of us ventured a week before the event to get feel for what we would encounter on the ride. We had all heard about the hills but…we were prepared! Thanks to Becky’s hill rides!!!  The water temp was 76 degrees, with the bright sun shining down on us! Some of us had been there since 6am, and others were just arriving. Once in the park you were greeted by friendly smiles!! With 12 team members on site, it was hard not to run into a fellow TE’er, whether it was parking the car, heading into transition, or venturing into the water for a quick dip TE was everywhere!!!  We gathered together on the beach for our last ‘good luck’ words of encouragement then headed to our designated pink, yellow, and red waves.

The swim start began in the water waited for the blow horn…and wondered ‘what the heck am I stepping on’.  As the horn went off we all made the splashed into our horizontal positions in the water bumping into the limbs of the competitor beside us. The swim for the sprint was 1/3 mile triangle, which caused for a quick, crowed swim.  As we got kicked around, we all regained focused and as Mona would say, utilized the sighting skills taught in training weekend! Thanking Jenny for the drills she provided us with. The .9 mile swim in the Olympic was more spacious and we had two great swimmers out there leading the crowd. Once out of the water we were back up on the sandy beach for a quick run to transition. On the way out of the water you were greeted with cheers from fellow teammates, and family.

A quick change, and for some other competitors a bit too much!! Hmmm…is there a reason to get butt a$$ naked in transition??  I mean taking off your bottoms and putting on new ones can really impact your transition time!!! Lol.  Ok- get focused… so off to the bikes! The first 3+ miles were a quick, flat ride. Then there it was the monster!!  Once up the mile, ummm yes a mile climb, you then could sit back and enjoy the rolling hills, but hold on for the frost heaves! Racing down hills at 30+ mph you held on tight as you hit the bumps on the frost heaves, and then back up another hill. All along the course fellow TE’ers bellowed out words of encouragement, or like our Olympic ladies where chat’n it up during the course. The Olympic course was two loops and our TE’ers cruised through the course- no problemo! Back into transition and out on the run!

The run was a great flat out and back shaded run- oh yeah!!! At this point in the day it was about 85+ degrees and the shaded run was nice!! For the sprint course there was a turnaround at 1.5 and there was a little girl who was asking ‘what do these gels do’, as she was responsible for handing out water and gel backs- I held back from trying to explain the skittles comparison and continued the run. While out on the course you would still see TE ladies racing but never forgetting to say “good job”, “go TE” or for the Olympic ladies pacing and pushing each other all the way! As each TE’er ran closer to the Max Performance Arch you could hear cheers from fellow teammates. It was great to have a crowd cheering your name, but also knowing that you are done!!! As each one of us finished we gathered for shade under the TE tent to grab some grub then off to the awards tent! AWARDS!!! Heck YA our team kicks butt!!! Not only are we QUEENS of the HILLS, but we represented in the AWARDS!! A huge bravo goes to Ruth Tannert who finished 2nd in the Newbie category, AMAZING job on your first Triathlon. Kristen Beville finished 1st in her category. Jocelyn Winzer 1st in her age group.  Becky Holloway took 3rdplace in her age group, followed by 4th place Amy Howland great team work ladies!!!  And of course our unstoppable relay team TE Spirit: Rachel, Kate, and Jenn took home 1st place. Also a shout out to Deb Reitan, Mona Miklosik, Amy Wong for representing the TE spirit out on the course, it was a great time and so glad you were all there!!

So after reading this race report, you might think you really missed out on a good time,well…… you did!!! However, there is still time sign up for SHARON’s BACK on August 14th!  http://www.maxperformanceonline.com/sharontriathlonrace.htmlis

Pictures to follow!

Swim, bike, run, but have fun!!!

TE represents at MA State!!!

Wow!  What a day we had yesterday racing at the Max Performance MA State Sprint and Olympic Triathlon in Winchendon!

It was a hot day as the temps reached the high 80’s and there was little shade to be found except under our tent and out on the run course.  We had 11 TE ladies out on the course all putting in amazing performances in the heat, finishing with smiles, posting PR’s, and bringing home awards.

Sprint – 1st place Women’s Relay Team
Rachel Vaughan
Jenn Hughes
Kate Manciocchi

Sprint – 1st place Athena
Kristin Beville

Sprint – 1st place 35-39
Jocelyn Winzer

Sprint – 2nd place Newbies
Ruth Tannert

Olympic – 3rd place 30-34
Becky Holloway

Olympic – 4th place 30-34
Amy Howland

Congratulations to everyone who raced…it was an awesome day of racing, sportsmanship, and comraderie!!
More pictures and race reports to follow.  🙂

Getting pumped for MA State!!

Great News!!! We have 10 TE’ers who will be racing out at the Max Performance Mass State Sprint/Olympic Tri in Winchendon this weekend.
Rachel Vaughan – TE relay team
Kate Manciocchi- TE relay team
Jenn Hughes- TE relay team
Mona Miklosik
Deb Reitan
Kristin Beville
Becky Holloway
Amy Howland
Kelly Pivirotto
Ruth Tannert
Wendy Bowers- TE Cheering section!!!!!
We’re looking forward to an amazing day of racing, cheering and comraderie!  The TE tent will be up at the race site so if you’re at the race and want to come by, we’d love to say hello and chat with you about who we are and what our team is all about!
See you all on Sunday! 🙂