Race Report: Patriot Half Triathlon 2017

Patriot Half Triathlon – June 17, 2017 Melaney’s Race Report: I was fortunate enough to complete my first half iron in June 2017. I was definitely nervous signing up and committing in the fall of 2016 (since the race sells out early) but decided to take the leap after volunteering in 2016 and seeing othersContinue reading “Race Report: Patriot Half Triathlon 2017”

Race Report: Patriot Half Ironman

Race Report: Patriot Half Ironman Date: June 18, 2011 Reporter/Racer: Kristi Paradis My day started at 4 am. Dog walked, first cup o’ joe consumed all by 4:25 am. PB n’ J consumed en route to Freetown. I arrived with plenty of time to check in and organize. And do a nice warm-up. The raceContinue reading “Race Report: Patriot Half Ironman”

Kristi places at Patriot Half Ironman!!

It was a warm and sunny Saturday, June 18th as Kristi Paradis struck out on the Patriot Half Ironman course, her first of the season.  She wasn’t sure how she was going to do, but later reported, “Not sure of my time yet, but felt good throughout.” Well, maybe she should have stuck around toContinue reading “Kristi places at Patriot Half Ironman!!”

Weekend of Racing!!

Please join me in cheering on these wonderful TE Ladies who will be racing this weekend. Harpoon B2B –Kristin Beville, will be riding in the Harpoon B2B Ride this Saturday. This 148 mile ride leaves from the Boston Brewery location and ends inWindsor, VT. All riders must keep a 16mph or above pace during the ride.  This ride isContinue reading “Weekend of Racing!!”