Race Report: Patriot Half Triathlon 2017

Patriot Half Triathlon – June 17, 2017

Melaney’s Race Report:

I was fortunate enough to complete my first half iron in June 2017. I was definitely nervous signing up and committing in the fall of 2016 (since the race sells out early) but decided to take the leap after volunteering in 2016 and seeing others complete what I once thought was unaccomplishable. Gaining confidence through having three half marathons under my belt and being able to already swim a mile, I pushed myself to set a goal that I was not quite sure would be accomplished (always exciting but scary!). However, once I set a goal, in anything, I will figure out a way to best set myself up for success. This could be the scientist or stubborn in me. I set myself up to improve my bike over the winter with an indoor trainer and Computrainer classes at Fast Splits (thanks coach Karen!), I hired a coach (thanks Will @ TriHard!), swam through the winter with TE (thanks coach Becky!), and continued to run throughout the winter (thank you mother nature!). I’m sure it is obvious but goals are easier with support behind you. I followed my training plan as best I could and trusted that I had done what I could do to prepare for race day. There were definitely moments that were difficult in life and training and lessons were learned, such as ALWAYS practice race nutrition on a training day as pounding many many GUs may not agree with you : (

June 17: Race day came and I felt good and calm to just complete the race, not “race”, but finish respectably and enjoy it. I estimated my time around 6:15-6:30.

I arrived on race day with what I thought was plenty of time but quickly turned into a rush. Parking took FOREVER, so I had to rush to get marked and get my chip. Setting up transition was fast but I literally ran to get to the port-a- potty line and then had to sprint back to get my wetsuit on. I also wanted to make sure I at least got into the water for a second, so I ran to the entrance area and fought my wetsuit sleeves on, jumped in and out and had just enough time to get back to line up. I usually like a little more time than I had and felt a little like a hot mess, but maybe it helped to not fuss over things.

The weather was misty and gray, kind of cool, basically my perfect weather. My swim was calm and comfortable. I took my time and even felt like I had good form since I was out there for a bit to focus on it. In the end I was happy with my time of 39:14 since I took it easy to not tire out.

I was looking forward to T1 since they had wetsuit strippers, woohoo! and it was kind of comical when this drill-sergeant man was grabbing the remainder of my sleeve off and then shouted “SIT DOWN!” and got my legs off in a jiffy. I almost said “YES SIR!”, in summary wetsuit strippers are awesome. T1 I don’t remember too much, just got my bike gear on and off I went.

On the bike I remember I tried to push but not too much and not get caught up in the race. I took in my nutrition and watched the fast men with disc wheels whoosh by me (and Cathy too). By the second loop I was looking at my time and thought, wow! this is fast! I averaged 18.4 mph for my first loop and wondered if I should slow down or not but I didn’t feel fatigued so I kept at the same pace. My second loop was slower, 17.5 mph, but I also took a potty break where I had to wait for someone, but since I felt good so far, I wanted to incorporate the time loss into my bike rather than my run. While I had a lot of time on the bike, my mind calculated many things, like how fast maybe I could finish, considering I knew my bike time would be a little over 3 hours (in the end 3:09:57). My swim time was a mystery but I figured it couldn’t be over an hour, so this got my mind on a goal of under 6 hours, with a sub 2-hr half marathon, which was possibly achievable.

T2 was slower, but I wanted to make sure I had sun protection on and was comfortable with all my gear.

I set off running and my legs felt good. I paced myself well using my Garmin and was cruising easily between an 8:40-8:55 pace. Since I also knew my half marathon PR time, by the time I hit the 10K point, I also knew I could likely beat my PR and push under 2hrs easily. Overall the run was smooth, even when ending a little warm/humid in the day. I started to get some minor cramping on the last two mile inclines so I walked up two hills to prevent an actual cramp and then continued running. On the final turn I saw Z and a t-rex cheering on and before the final turn the feeling was incredible.

I’ve never had emotion come over me in a race and I had to break into a smile from just feeling joy. Just to finish was enough for me, to break under 6 hrs (5:52:48) was even more incredible and to set a half marathon PR (1:54:45) was icing on the cake for me. The day was almost suspiciously perfect for me, I would like to think that on Father’s Day, someone was looking out for me : )

In the end, it paid off to trust in my training, have fun and take in the entire day around me to remember such a great goal and moment.

Race Report: Patriot Half Ironman

Race Report: Patriot Half Ironman
Date: June 18, 2011
Reporter/Racer: Kristi Paradis

My day started at 4 am. Dog walked, first cup o’ joe consumed all by 4:25 am. PB n’ J consumed en route to Freetown. I arrived with plenty of time to check in and organize. And do a nice warm-up. The race started 30 minutes late so I also had plenty of time to relax, hang-out, and worry. I did not feel nearly as anxious as I usually do before a triathlon. Maybe it was that Patriot is not my big race of the season. Maybe that I’ve nearly done these distances in a workout or at least in a 12 hour period. Maybe it because it was my fourth 70.3 and my confidence has been elevated.

Some banter with folks in transition and with the announcement we were all booted out and corralled to the swim start. The sun was starting to come out amongst the dark storm clouds when we lined up in the water. The swim course was an out and back in Long Pond. The water was warm (70’s) and calm. I took my normal place in the back right. This year I got into my rhythm fairly quickly. No panic attack. No heart palpitations. This meant that I passed a lot of swimmers, not only from my wave but from a few slower folks in the waves before mine. I did do the breast stroke on occasion, but it was more to give myself a break from freestyle vs needing it. I managed surges and felt good when I left the water.

I ran into T1, suited up and hopped on Speedy. My quads felt a little tight for the first few miles..perhaps from yesterdays workout. Yes, yes I trained yesterday, but don’t forget I’m doing a 140.6 in just 6 weeks! The bike course was a two loop 28 mile course. I held back on the first lap and quickly got into a rhythm. I raced back and fourth with a few guys during the whole bike leg. It always motivates me to go back n’ forth with folks on the run and bike. It is also entertaining, especially if the other person recognizes the game. Often their is some banter involved. Just before the start of the second loop the bike course overlapped with a funeral. I came thru just as the event personnel realized what was happening so I was not told to get left. I had to completely stop and squeeze between cars of funeral go-ers. This got me out of my good pedaling for a bit. Eventually I found it and moved through the second lap. I pushed a little harder on the second lap and I believe I had negative split times. The course brought us past gorgeous views of the ocean, alpaca/llama farm (there were baby alpaca!!!) and a various chickens! It was a fast n’ flat course. It did lack any good descents so I pedaling the entire time! I was able to “chick” a number of men…8-15! woo hooo I felt mentally strong on the bike leg. I finished certain that I could have kept going, though probably not at that pace.

At this point the sun was shinning and the air temperature was quickly rising. T2 was fast and I was off in my Newtons. I ran the first 4 miles at a quick pace, averaging 8:06-8:12. Mistake. After this I started slowing down. My average paced dropped during the whole 13.1 miles, but I finished with an average of 8:50 min/mile. Not too shabby. The course was a nice rolling up n’ down with some good flats. I tried to pick up the pace in the last 3 miles, as was my plan, but I had nagging abdominal cramp that did not allow me to sustain a faster pace. I was to run faster for a bit, then slow down. There were aid stations at every mile which was a fantastic mental aid. I started drinking cola at mile 6 mostly for the change of fuel and the caffeine!! When I turned came thru the last intersection and saw the grounds ahead I picked up the pace up until the final turn. At this point I got a HUGE cramp in my left obligues and could not do my final sprint down the shoot. I kept running, though and finished standing and smiling. This was the first half that I ran the entire 13.1 without stopping. I felt mentally strong during the whole leg.

After chatting with a friend and chugging a Muscle Milk I called family and friends, ate some food and cheered on finishers. I was tired so decided to head back to Boston without checking the times or staying for the awards. This morning I woke up to various messages congratulating me on a second place age group finish. Holy crap!  I knew I had a good race, but truly did not think I was a contender for placing. I finished feeling that I did my best, raced strong, and hard.

Today I feel pretty darn good. I have some aches and stiffness, and am a bit tired. Overall great. Most importantly am feeling more confident about Vineman. And, WOW I placed second in my age group. On a post race high training begins again tomorrow.


Kristi places at Patriot Half Ironman!!

It was a warm and sunny Saturday, June 18th as Kristi Paradis struck out on the Patriot Half Ironman course, her first of the season.  She wasn’t sure how she was going to do, but later reported, “Not sure of my time yet, but felt good throughout.”

Well, maybe she should have stuck around to find out because she placed 2nd in her age group (35-39)!!!  With an overall time of 5:39:49, she completed the 1.2 mile swim in 41:38, biked 56 miles in 2:55:48, then still had some kick to finish the 1/2 marathon in 1:55:49.

Well done Kristi!!  You’ve worked very hard and we are all very proud of  you!!

Weekend of Racing!!

Please join me in cheering on these wonderful TE Ladies who will be racing this weekend.

Harpoon B2B –Kristin Beville, will be riding in the Harpoon B2B Ride this Saturday. This 148 mile ride leaves from the Boston Brewery location and ends inWindsor, VT. All riders must keep a 16mph or above pace during the ride.  This ride is physically and mentally tough, designed for “hardcore riders, with a love for beer” – GOOOO KRISTIN!!!!

Patriot Half Iron: Kristi Paradis will also be embarking on what we would all call a challenge and for Kristi it could be called her “usual saturday morning workout”. The course consists of 1.2 swim, 56 mile ride, and 13.1 run course, with all of Kristi’s training I’m sure she is well prepared for this race!!!! This Ironwoman will be competing in Vineman Ironman, July 30th!!! GOOD LUCK AND KICK BUTT!!!

-Kelly 🙂