Race Report: Sharon Triathlon 2017

Sharon Triathlon – August 13, 2017

Zabeth’s Race Report:

The Sharon Triathlon is one of my favorite sprints put on by Max Performance.  The pond is usually calm, and the ride and run are quite flat and fast.  For an August race, this one is also a great choice as the bike and run courses go around the pond and are mostly shaded and breezy.

It’s an interesting sprint in that the swim is a full ½ mile, the bike is 12.3 miles and the run is longer than usual at 4.4 miles, favoring those who are happiest running.

There is one more unusual aspect of the Sharon Tri – there has been an Aquabike division for the last couple of years.

Another perk Max Performance provides at this race is a tent with post-race massages: sign-up as soon as you finish as it’s first-come-first-served!

I chose to race the Aquabike this year due to running injuries and enjoyed being able to go as fast as possible during my ride without having to save energy for the run.  I was quite pleased to come in 3rd in my division even though I had a slow swim split.

Sharon Perl Olshvang and her daughter Riley Perl both raced the triathlon.  Congratulations Riley for earning 3rd place in the under 19 division. We’d love to have you join Team Envision this year!

I highly recommend the Sharon Triathlon and hope more of us register for it in 2018.  It’s a great event.

Race Report: Worcester Tri-Fest 2016

Worcester Tri-Fest – June 5, 2016

Sara D at Worcester Tri-Fest 2016

Sara‘s Race Report:

It was an early morning start for Worcester Tri-Fest at Indian lake. I left from Boston about 5:15 AM – I love getting to transition as early as possible to warm up and settle in. This was my first ever completely solo event – no friends, no husband, no family at the start. I took extra time to plan and condense all of my supplies. My heart sank when I pulled my bike off my car in the rain in the parking lot and saw that my front tire was completely flat (I had JUST filled it an hour ago in Boston). In an effort to prove my self-sufficiency, I got to work, changed my own tire in the rain, and felt wildly proud of my success (Thanks Zabeth for the timely lesson!). At least I knew the repair tent wasn’t far if anything went wrong!

The weather was very drizzly and damp all morning, but the air was warm enough to be comfortable (~65 degrees).  They offer quite a variety of racing option- Tri, Du, stand-up paddle/canoe, aquabike, and a few other combos too. The sprint tri was only about 80 participants, so I felt some pressure to keep up and not be the last one in! Strangely I prefer the anonymity in the sea of people at larger races…

Sara D at the Swim Start Worcester Tri-Fest 2016

The swim was 1/4 mile triangle and was a time-trial start which was a new experience for me. I actually really liked this option vs. treading water. I wish they had a few more support kayaks along the swim route for ease of  mind.  I was hoping for a better swim time but nerves got the best of me again. I’ll be focusing on this skill a bit more this summer! The transition area was just one long row of bikes and quite a long run from the water exit – I had to focus hard to find my bike along the row after the exhausting, slow swim.

The bike portion was quite hilly but well-marked and monitored. We were warned repeatedly to go slowly down some of the large hills and avoid the slippery white lines. I was pleased with my bike time given the rainy day and extra cautious approach. I’m glad I covered all of my things in transition with a garbage bag due to the rain! When I came in off the bike, my feet/socks were so wet I had to wring them out and then decided to put on dry ones for more comfort during the 5k. Good decision despite the slight loss in time!!!!

Sara D on the Run Course at Worcester Tri-Fest 2016

The run was uphill the first 1/3 and then gently rolling for the rest of it. Only one water station was available – I wish there were a few more because I love “options” for hydration. It was my personal best sprint run time, so I’m happy all of my winter running paid off, and I was thankful for dry socks.

Worcester Tri-Fest 2016 Finish Line

The finish line was a welcome sight, as always. They offered bananas and granola bars, but I kept looking around for a burger….or the fried chicken that was stuck in my mind for the last few hours. Next year I hope they have a food truck!

Sara D Worcester Tri-Fest 2016 Finisher Photo

Race Report: New England Season Opener Du Tri 2016

A strong start to 2016 triathlon season!

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Team EnVision showed up in force for the Max Performance Season Opener Du Tri 2016! We had athletes racing in both the duathlon and the triathlon, plus a few more volunteering and cheering.

Anticipating cold water on race day, a few of us headed to Walden Pond on Saturday for a test swim. The water was chilly, but the air was warm and the sun was shining. Really, it was a perfect day for an early season swim.

Sandra and Sarah at Walden Pond

In true New England fashion, the weather changed overnight and delivered us cool air, a cloudy sky, and heavy winds on race morning.

Melaney and the other duathletes started first with a 2-mile run, and then the triathletes walked down to the swim start. The Hopkinton Reservoir was a refreshing 59 degrees. The water was choppy due to the wind, but the current was flowing toward the swim finish line. We donned our wetsuits, doubled our swim caps, and were ready to race!

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The 10-mile bike course featured rolling hills through the Hopkinton State Park and surrounding communities. The course was well-marked and had plenty of volunteers. The long hill at the end can be a bit of a challenge, but the runners heading out on the other side of the road provided much-needed encouragement.

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The run course took us back out for a 5K through the park. Crossing the causeway, we were treated to strong wind gusts and a glimpse of the finish area. From there, it was just a quick turn past the beach to the finish line!

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As always, Max Performance hosted a well-organized event. It was a great day and a successful start to the season for Team EnVision. We look forward to conquering this course again in September at the Title 9 Women Only Spring Triathlon!

Title 9 was a success!

It was a chilly morning a couple of weeks ago when TE headed out to Hopkinton State Park.  There were so many of us there that I think I lost count!  I think there were 10 ladies racing and just as many volunteering.  It was great to see husbands, husbands-to-be, and even brothers come help out the team for the morning. 🙂

The volunteers started out by body marking….you can see we have fun no matter what task we are given.  Once the body marking was done we were all divided up to go man our stations along the route.  Some of us were directing racers, others were delivering much needed hydration, and, of course, everyone was cheering!

The race finished off with a great BBQ by the TE members.  Lots of goodies to eat after a hard morning’s work!

Sharon Triathlon

Team EnVision had a great showing at the Sharon triathlon on August 12th….10 women racing!!  The morning was gray and drizzly – no, make that rainy – when we arrived to set up.  The water was a bit choppy and not extremely inviting even though it was a warm 81 degrees (not wetsuit legal).  There were rumors of a delayed start, but by 8:00 the skies were getting a little lighter and the rain had stopped.

The race had the feel of a small-town event even though there were close to 600 triathletes in attendance.  People lined the streets along much of the bike and run courses to cheer, clank cowbells and yell encouragement.

The Team EnVision relay came in 1st place in the women’s relay division, and 2nd overall!

It was fun to hang out together after the race, eating and chatting, and try our luck at getting picked for Max Performance’s great give-aways.  Z scored with her, umm, complimentary Facebook post.  Enjoy the pics!!

TE Rocked T9 Escape the Cape Today!

What a great day of racing!  Not that the weather was pretty, but at least it wasn’t down pouring like yesterday.  The water temps were chilly, there was a bit of a wind on the bike, but the pretty (and fast) run made up for it!   There were 12 women racing and a dedicated 4 for cheering so there was quite the TE presence.  We had several podium finishes today including 1st place Relay by Cathy Ellis and Amy Howland, 1st place 50-54 AG by Z Billingham, and 2nd place 50-54 AG by Ruth Tannert.  Way to go ladies!!



More racing ahead!

We are getting pumped up for this weekends’ Title 9 Escape the Cape being held on Sunday, June 3rd in Onset, MA.  We have a large group of women racing and will have the team tent onsite as well.

Also racing this weekend will be Libby competing in her first International distance up at Mooseman and Trinity competing in the Bikes Not Bombs bike-a-thon.

Good luck to everyone racing!  We can’t wait to hear all the great stories!