End of Season Potluck

TE rocked another great season this year, with tons of group training hours and successful races logged. Every week we swam hard in Walden, bumped up our threshold pace at track, and powered up and down hills on weekend road rides. Come race time all that hard work paid off, with up to 10 teammates at a time participating in sprint, olympic and half ironman races locally and all around the country. We racked up new distances, podium finishes, and personal records all season long! What better way to relax and celebrate our achievements than with a delicious potluck meal…

We’re now on Google!!

Well the time has come to say goodbye to our Yahoo listserv.  It has served us well (no pun intended) over the last several years, but we felt it was time to move on to another platform.  So, to all current members, and to those that want to join our wonderful team, come find us on Google.  Just search for Team EnVision in Google Groups and request to join the new listserv!  And while you’re at it don’t forget to add your name to our email list here on our website and be notified of all new posts…don’t miss a thing that happens with TE!

Membership is now open for the 2012 season…come join us for another season of great swimming, biking, running, and of course, FUN!

Race Report – MA State Triathlon, a.k.a The “Queens of the Hills”

By: Kelly Pivirotto – Race Coordinator

Date: July 17, 2011

TE Racers:

 Sprint Tri: Deb Reitan, Mona Miklosik, Ruth Tannert, Amy Wong, Jocelyn Winzer, Kristin Beville, and  Kelly Pivirotto,  Relay team- Rachel Vaughan,  Jenn Hughes, Kate Manciocchi

Olympic Tri: Becky Holloway, Amy Howland

After weeks of training, swims at Walden, hill rides, and track practice, the day had finally come…The Mass State challenge! Some of us ventured a week before the event to get feel for what we would encounter on the ride. We had all heard about the hills but…we were prepared! Thanks to Becky’s hill rides!!!  The water temp was 76 degrees, with the bright sun shining down on us! Some of us had been there since 6am, and others were just arriving. Once in the park you were greeted by friendly smiles!! With 12 team members on site, it was hard not to run into a fellow TE’er, whether it was parking the car, heading into transition, or venturing into the water for a quick dip TE was everywhere!!!  We gathered together on the beach for our last ‘good luck’ words of encouragement then headed to our designated pink, yellow, and red waves.

The swim start began in the water waited for the blow horn…and wondered ‘what the heck am I stepping on’.  As the horn went off we all made the splashed into our horizontal positions in the water bumping into the limbs of the competitor beside us. The swim for the sprint was 1/3 mile triangle, which caused for a quick, crowed swim.  As we got kicked around, we all regained focused and as Mona would say, utilized the sighting skills taught in training weekend! Thanking Jenny for the drills she provided us with. The .9 mile swim in the Olympic was more spacious and we had two great swimmers out there leading the crowd. Once out of the water we were back up on the sandy beach for a quick run to transition. On the way out of the water you were greeted with cheers from fellow teammates, and family.

A quick change, and for some other competitors a bit too much!! Hmmm…is there a reason to get butt a$$ naked in transition??  I mean taking off your bottoms and putting on new ones can really impact your transition time!!! Lol.  Ok- get focused… so off to the bikes! The first 3+ miles were a quick, flat ride. Then there it was the monster!!  Once up the mile, ummm yes a mile climb, you then could sit back and enjoy the rolling hills, but hold on for the frost heaves! Racing down hills at 30+ mph you held on tight as you hit the bumps on the frost heaves, and then back up another hill. All along the course fellow TE’ers bellowed out words of encouragement, or like our Olympic ladies where chat’n it up during the course. The Olympic course was two loops and our TE’ers cruised through the course- no problemo! Back into transition and out on the run!

The run was a great flat out and back shaded run- oh yeah!!! At this point in the day it was about 85+ degrees and the shaded run was nice!! For the sprint course there was a turnaround at 1.5 and there was a little girl who was asking ‘what do these gels do’, as she was responsible for handing out water and gel backs- I held back from trying to explain the skittles comparison and continued the run. While out on the course you would still see TE ladies racing but never forgetting to say “good job”, “go TE” or for the Olympic ladies pacing and pushing each other all the way! As each TE’er ran closer to the Max Performance Arch you could hear cheers from fellow teammates. It was great to have a crowd cheering your name, but also knowing that you are done!!! As each one of us finished we gathered for shade under the TE tent to grab some grub then off to the awards tent! AWARDS!!! Heck YA our team kicks butt!!! Not only are we QUEENS of the HILLS, but we represented in the AWARDS!! A huge bravo goes to Ruth Tannert who finished 2nd in the Newbie category, AMAZING job on your first Triathlon. Kristen Beville finished 1st in her category. Jocelyn Winzer 1st in her age group.  Becky Holloway took 3rdplace in her age group, followed by 4th place Amy Howland great team work ladies!!!  And of course our unstoppable relay team TE Spirit: Rachel, Kate, and Jenn took home 1st place. Also a shout out to Deb Reitan, Mona Miklosik, Amy Wong for representing the TE spirit out on the course, it was a great time and so glad you were all there!!

So after reading this race report, you might think you really missed out on a good time,well…… you did!!! However, there is still time sign up for SHARON’s BACK on August 14th!  http://www.maxperformanceonline.com/sharontriathlonrace.htmlis

Pictures to follow!

Swim, bike, run, but have fun!!!