2013 training season kicks off!

Indoor track started this morning with 17 TE ladies registered so far… It was a great first morning, with Coach Mary easing us back into training with a lecture on training tips, running form, etc. before sending us out onto the track to warm up the chilly winter morning with some 400m intervals. It’s notContinue reading “2013 training season kicks off!”

Track Practice for Wed 12/7

This weeks track practice is as follows… Modified Michigan   (1) 2-mile warm up at increasing pace, finishing with last 800M at marathon pace. (2) After quick rest to re-assemble, 1600M @ 5K pace, followed immediately by 1200M @ marathon goal pace. (3) Repeat Step 2 twice (once is okay if that’s all you canContinue reading “Track Practice for Wed 12/7”

Track Practice for Wed 10/12

This weeks track practice is as follows… 16-20 x 400M @10K pace.  100M jog recovery.  And remember, it’s OK to take a break halfway through. In order to help you figure out your pacing you can click here and use the McMillan Running Calculator.  It’s a great tool to help you figure out different pacesContinue reading “Track Practice for Wed 10/12”